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Article “Defining consciousness” by Pepa Horno for the initiative “Renewing from within”

One of the pillars of the CI Spirals philosophy is the generation of networks. Networking makes you grow as a professional and as a person. But then there are networks and networks. From time to time you get the gift of being in a work group with professionals whom you often feel are better than you., professionals who challenge you, they drive you, urge you. Over the years I have learned that they not only have to be professionals who I admire for their professional level. They have to be people who I admire for their human qualities, its warmth, his honesty and something even rarer: for their ability to be generous with their time and knowledge. How difficult it is to find professionals who share what they do and how they do it, that they understand that sharing as we understand it in CI Spirals, as our way of bringing back to life as much as we have received.

The group of professionals “Renewing from within” is included among this group of professionals, those that make me a better person and a better professional. Because then we started talking and, like nothing, you end up committing to a little madness, nothing more and nothing less, to try to define what it is “consciousness”. That word mantra that has become the cornerstone of our professional intervention, but also from my look at the human being and his possibility of change from freedom.

So here I share the link to the article that has resulted from that challenge. It is called “Defining consciousness”. I have tried to develop the indicators that I use to differentiate a look, a conscious intervention in the educational role, foster or care. Indicators that can also be used in a process of improvement of professional quality and organizational change.

I hope I don't come off too badly off the result. And above all, as always, I hope it can be useful to you.

Pepa Horno


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29 October, 2021

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