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“Counting our dead” blog “Do not ask me calm”

There are issues that haunt you for a long time. Sometimes it's a face in a workshop, a story or a call full of pain. Sometimes it's a figure.

Which gave rise to this post came to me in the year 2008 when I read the “III and IV Report on Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Spain” presented by the Spanish State to the Committee on the Rights of the Child UN, body responsible for monitoring States in the implementation of the Convention.

By reading this report I was glad to find child-centered data, and particularly those data that gave visibility to children, and adolescent victims of crime. I looked for a figure who had asked several times and no one seemed to know me then: the number of children, and adolescents died violently in Spain. To achieve, I had to add several sections figures: children, girls and adolescents killed or homicide victims in Spain, children, and adolescents who had committed suicide or had died as a result of accidents caused by gross negligence of their guardians.

The result of that sum has haunted me personally until today. Any number would have been great, but that was too much for me. I felt rage. Rabia to compare that figure with many other resources or is allotted to institutional and socially reduce that number with those awarded to other. It hurt so that figure and said all its invisibility of our society.

Almost six years have passed. I spread this issue in talks, conferences, and above all workshops and other forums where fit make about advocacy. But when Xose Cuns asked me a while to write something in your blog “Do not ask me calm” I knew that that figure would be my contribution. Because his blog has become the benchmark for clarity and self-defense of the weakest for those who work in social issues. And because Xose is part of a network of great men he galegos I have the privilege of sharing ideals, laugh and change the world at a dinner in the soil occasionally and especially, call friends.

So I do not want to tell more. Just leave you the link to the entry that I wrote in “Do not ask me calm”, Its named “Counting our dead. Also when are children” because Xose has enriched my text with their introduction, videos, links, and because I would like leyerais and participarais in comments that raises.

And from Spirals CI, for this particular post some more so than others, ask you to help us dissemination.

Because I'm afraid that when reading the post acabéis I will not be the only one that number hurts.



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