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Story “My home is a castle”, by Itziar Fernández Cortés

Hello to all and to all:

My name is Itziar Fernández Cortés, I am a child psychotherapist expert in trauma and gender violence. Since 2017 I am pleased to to collaborate with Espirales CI in its investigations into the reality of children, violated and adolescents from human rights approach to different entities such as Spanish UNICEF Committee or SOS Children's Villages Spain.

But what brings me here today is not sharing the results of these experiences, but a more personal project, which it is directly linked to the situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic arising from the rapid expansion of the coronavirus, and the development of the story illustrated My home is a castle With Lorena Zamora Blanco as an illustrator and published by Hilo Editions, which it is for free download.

We are many psychologists that we felt challenged to contribute to improving the mental health of people in confinement, everyone have received videos and guides that we recommend how to cope with fear and anxiety as calmly as possible, devoting our time to various tasks. Never before did both sports indoors.

For families, the task is doubly complicated, as well as cope with their own emotional state, should convey calm and security, accompanying emotional states of children in charge. All this, reconciling work and family life.

We know how important it is to inform children about what is happening in a clear and simple, adapted to their age. We also know how important it is to carry out various activities throughout the day. But how can we transmit it in a playful way to encourage their involvement?

It is important not to let it be "distracted" with the TV or video games forever because "we feel sorry that they can not leave", or "fairly they are enduring". Nor should we turn homework in daily obligation, downplaying other tasks, both children, as for adults, They are necessary for a proper balance in everyday life.

The objective of My home is a castle It is helping families to give structure to the day, with a simple script than ten kinds of tasks that can develop daily, which identifies what skills are developed for each type of activity.

It is not a set of proposals, but a wrapper for the same, and an excuse for communication where each family must adapt them according to their tastes, spaces, time and materials available.

Internet is a wonderful window into the world that brings us closer to creative ideas that other people have previously developed. You find pages of meditation and relaxation child, dance tutorials, physical training routines, recipes adapted to every age, pages simple paper crafts, paperboard, milk cartons ...

Fortunately, We have a virtual level all! We just need to spend a little time.

And time is just what you have given us.



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27 March, 2020

[…] Story “My home is a castle”, by Itziar Fernández Cortés […]

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