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Online training on preventing child sexual abuse with F. Javier Romeo for the Council of Europe in Ukraine and Slovenia

[Post in Spanish. Click here to read the English version].

These past weeks I have been facilitating some very intense training for the prevention of child sexual abuse for the Council of Europe, as new collaborations with the Council of Europe.

In 2010 and 2011 Pepa Horno and I we support the launch of the Bell “One in five”, with specific materials using the book Kiko and the Hand and with formations here in Spain. In 2017 I also facilitated some sessions in Tunisia. And in 2019 and 2020 I was doing training in the Republic of Moldova with the methodology that Pepa and I had developed, Kiko and the Hand. Training for Trainers Manual. Protective Teachers, Protected Children: Preschool Training to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, and the manual was released in November 2020 (with a full English version for Moldova and with a master version in english, without the legal elements at the state level, so that it can be adapted to other countries).

Of the 22 the 24 September 2021, the project “Combating violence against children in Ukraine” (“Fighting violence against children in Ukraine”) organized a online training for specialists, that I facilitated with the support of the Council of Europe coordination team and national experts. We hope to have the manual in its approved version in Ukrainian soon..

And from 29 from september to 1 October 2021 I was facilitating other online training for specialists within the framework of the joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe “Supporting the establishment of Barnahus in Slovenia” (“Support for the establishment of Children's home in Europe”). In this case, the manual is now available in Slovenian.

Pepa and I congratulate the Council of Europe for its commitment to this wonderful campaign and its support materials, and for continuing to count on our contributions and that we facilitate training sessions. We hope to see the manual translated and adapted to other languages ​​and countries soon..

In celebration,

F. Javier Romeo-Biedma

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