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Research and good practice guide on family and residential care developed for UNICEF Spanish Committee

Within the work we do in Spiral Consulting Children there are projects that take on special meaning and depth for the whole team. These two documents that we present today is one of them.

A place to stay. Child care, and adolescents in foster care in the protection system in Spain is the executive summary of qualitative research we have done from February to July 2017 to Spanish UNICEF Committee on the situation of family and residential care . Apart from certain aspects statewide, The research focused on nine regions: Andalusia, Asturias, Baleares, Canary Islands, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Community of Madrid, Galicia and the Basque Country. These communities were chosen as representative sample state by two criteria: representation by population and the number of children, and adolescents in foster care in their territory.

In each community an analysis of statistical data was made, the budgets, the legislative framework and documentation available on the website of the administrations. also, He interviewed the authorities responsible, professional protection system, academic experts and associates, as well as responsible for the enforcement of child rights at the state level institutions and in different territories. In total he was interviewed 160 people.

also, consistent work field visit was carried out at a minimum of two centers in each autonomous community protection, with a focus group with children, girls and adolescents living in each center and a focus group to foster families foster care program in each community. The guide includes testimonies of these interviews and focus groups.

One of the two objectives of this research was to identify benchmarks of good practice and make recommendations for improving care for children, and adolescents in family and residential care in Spain. We have designed the second document presented today Foster care as an opportunity for life. This guide, as its subtitle says, It is a guide “Referents of good practice and recommendations for suitable care for children, and adolescents in family and residential care”. Collect all models of good practice identified in the different autonomous communities, as well as a reference framework of good practice that can guide the improvement of care in foster care and residential.

This work was done by Team Consulting Espirales Children, Pepa Horno Goicoechea and F. Javier Romeo Biedermann, Aurea Ferreres along with Esteban, Lourdes Juan Torres, Valobra Hernán Cortés Fernández and Itziar Marchi. Go from here our gratitude and deep appreciation to all of them without whom this work would have been impossible to realize, not only for its size but because of the sensitivity of its content and the reality analyzed. We also want to thank the team for Advocacy Studies and Spanish UNICEF Committee their trust in us and clarity of your choice to visualize an issue as necessary as poorly attended so far.

But here we also want to thank each of the people who helped and made this work possible. A public administrations and their technical managers who supported us and helped in its realization, each of these 160 professionals interviewed, each family of the focus groups gave testimony of brave and honest process as foster families and especially, each and every one of the children, and adolescents who told us in focus groups: “consider this”. So we do the best we could and knew, and we hope that they all feel so.

From here, Now that the work is published, we can only wish it to be a useful tool for improving care for children, and adolescents in family and residential care in Spain.

Pepa and Javier


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