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“The look at the educational space: a proposal of indicators to evaluate nursery schools as safe and protective environments”: Pepa Horno's article in the Aula de Infantil magazine

The focus of protection work has changed in recent years, moving from understanding protection as the eradication of any form of violence against children, girls and adolescents to a comprehensive model that includes protection as the generation of a safe and protective environment that guarantees the full development of the child. And the full development of a child goes far beyond their right not to suffer any form of violence..

From this understanding, the look at the environment changes. The environment becomes a constitutive element of the intervention we do in any field. The intervention is a relational experience that is also determined by the place where it takes place. The place where we are gives meaning to the intervention. And that said environment is safe and protective becomes the essential condition to guarantee the protection of children, and adolescents.

Thus, from CI Spirals we have been promoting a indicator model that serve to evaluate the environments where children live, girls and adolescents to know if they are safe and protective environments, as well as to promote the changes and improvements necessary to achieve that. Their homes, the schools, the leisure spaces, the spaces of the municipality, the sport zones, health centers and hospitals, the protection homes, spaces for social intervention, the police stations or the courts, among many others, are spaces that must be evaluated from this perspective.

Portada de la Revista Aula de Infantil, 111, septiembre 2021Article “The look at the educational space: a proposal of indicators to evaluate nursery schools as safe and protective spaces” that has been published in the Aula de Infantil Magazine this September 2021, develops this system of indicators focused on nursery schools. The objective is to provide those responsible for the management and direction of nursery schools with a system of indicators that allow them to evaluate those that already exist and incorporate them into the design of those that are planned in the future..

This system of indicators generates what is most important to us: a conscious look at space as part of an inclusive and protective educational process. I hope that the article that we disseminate today can be a useful tool to generate that look.

Pepa Horno

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