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“the wounds of the soul. A guide to trauma for families and professionals” F. Javier Romeo for SOS Children's Villages in Latin America and the Caribbean

Portada de "Las heridas del alma. Una guía sobre trauma para familias y profesionales" de F. Javier Romeo para Aldeas Infantiles SOS en América Latina y el Caribe, que muestra a una mujer abrazando a una figura infantil sobre fondo blanco y con los logotipos institucionales.

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted and affected many processes. a consequence, smaller, has been the dissemination of some publications. Other effects, much more harmful, have had to do with trauma and its difficulties in children, girls and adolescents around the world. We have seen how the symptoms of discomfort have increased in many children, and adolescents. And the world has gotten more complicated. But what they need is accompaniment for their “soul wounds”.

After writing the manual Accompanying the wounds of the soul. Trauma in childhood and adolescence and 2019 for SOS Children's Villages in its Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, its magnificent team of professionals asked me to create a series of accompanying materials. This is the first of them, with the innovative initiative they always have towards the welfare of children, and adolescents.

As on other occasions, two versions of the document are available, free download:

We consider it to be a “Friendly Guide” because it collects in simple language the most important ideas about trauma, in parallel with the manual. For this, it has been an added value to have the illustrations of Zaida escobar (see Zaida Escobar's account on Instagram), that have turned some of the most complicated concepts into close and warm images, and the layout of Valeria Losoviz, which makes the text flow in a visually appealing way. We wanted it to be a material for all audiences, families, professionals from different fields and even the children themselves, girls and adolescents who have some form of trauma.

The objective is that those who read the guide have clues about the following points:

  • The Chapter 1, How to understand the trauma?, address the sections “Our nervous system and brain”, “What do we call 'trauma'?”, “What situations can cause trauma?” and “trauma and relationships”.
  • The Chapter 2, How to detect trauma?, Explain “signs of trauma” and “dissociation: the oblivion necessary to survive”.
  • The Chapter 3, How to act with children, girls and adolescents suffering from trauma?, explore ideas in “Creating the conditions to work on trauma as a team”, “What to do when we see something that looks like trauma?” and “How do we best accompany children, traumatized girls and adolescents?”.
  • The guide ends by reminding “By way of closing: affection, presence and hope” as elements to continue advancing.

Although they have been slow to appear, I hope that this friendly guide and the ones that follow seem up-to-date. And I would especially like to know how the children receive it, girls and adolescents and their families.

F. Javier Romeo

F. Javier Romeo

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Cover of the manual "Accompanying the wounds of the soul. Trauma in childhood and adolescence" F. Javier Romeo.


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