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Manual “See to Protect. Keys to understanding violence against children, girls and adolescents and to develop effective protection measures”, F. Javier Romeo and Pepa Horno for UNICEF Spain

Sometimes life asks us to give the best of our know-how, with dedication and thoroughness. Preparing this manual has been one of those occasions, and we thank UNICEF Spain that has given us the opportunity to F. Javier Romeo Biedermann and Pepa Horno Goicoechea. In see to protect. Keys to understanding violence against children, girls and adolescents and to develop effective protection measures we have tried to synthesize all the basic elements for the protection of children, and adolescents, with various peculiarities.

On the one hand, the manual (which can be downloaded free of charge from the UNICEF Spain website) is structured in two parts, that collect the two fundamental lines of the title.

  • “Ver” has to do with having “keys to understanding violence against children, and adolescents”, with understanding what violence consists of (chapter 1), what shapes does it have (chapter 2), why don't we detect it more often (chapter 3) and what are its consequences (chapter 4).
  • “Protect” it's related to “develop effective protection measures”, and that is why the concept of Safe and protective environments (chapter 5), or the importance of Conscious Affectivity (chapter 6), so that the different spaces where children live and develop can be analyzed, and adolescents (chapter 7), with some final guidelines on prevention programs (chapter 8).

For those who follow our work, You will see that we continue with our usual topics, but with some important news. see to protect is intended as a reference manual, so that it has the basic aspects synthesized, as expected. But, also, It has the possibility of expanding knowledge in all bibliographic references. And it also incorporates innovative elements that we haven't written about yet., aspects that through training and supervision we see necessary to work, and targeting core protection competencies.

Last, the didactic dimension marks the character of this manual. If we want to develop our capacities, we have to put into operation what we are reading. Therefore, each chapter has a series of practical activities, that combine the technical with the experiential, the reflexive with the applied.

It has been hard work, that collects part of the competencies that we believe are necessary for the training of Coordinators and Coordinators of Welfare and Protection and Delegates or Delegates of Protection, according to mark the Organic Law for the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against violence (LOPIVI) in Spain (whose development is discussed in a previous post on this blog), and in general for any professional who works with children, and adolescents.

We hope you find it useful, and we would love to know how the practical activities are going,

F. Javier Romeo and Pepa Horno

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