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“Beyond survival. How to improve the intervention in Europe with unaccompanied and separated migrant children who are left outside the protection system”, by F. Javier Romeo and Pepa Horno for UNICEF

[Read the English version clicking here.]

Unaccompanied and separated migrant children face multiple difficulties. Like boys and girls, they are not usually heard. As immigrants, it is often considered that “they have fewer rights. Like boys and girls without affective references, they have to face the lack of protection on the part of the institutions that should protect them. And as boys and girls who are left outside the protection system and who can sometimes resort to any way of life to survive, they are often the target of hate speech and narratives that dehumanize them. But, We need to remember that they are boys and girls who have suffered adverse experiences and who deserve safe interventions that guarantee their human rights.

As a contribution to consolidate solid interventions and respectful narratives, We are proud to present this document that we have prepared from Espirales Consultoría de Infancia:

Although the two of us, F. Javier Romeo and Pepa Horno we are its authors, This publication tries to collect all the findings of the International Workshop that took place in Madrid in December 2019, that Javier helped facilitate. We had the contributions of specialists from Spain, French, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden in Europe and Morocco in Africa. We also have the coordination of UNICEF Spain and UNICEF France, with the support of UNICEF's PFP Division. Our thanks for everything you shared., for their knowledge and for their experience. We hope the document will honor your generosity and commitment..

We have structured the text with three goals in mind, each of which is addressed in a chapter:

  1. Be clear about the “Fundamental principles and main risks faced by unaccompanied and separated children living on the street”.
  2. Get a complete perspective on a “Call to action: towards an integrative model of intervention for the care and protection of unaccompanied boys and girls living on the street”, exploring four levels of intervention (address legal and documentation aspects; promote and develop safe and protective environments; provide affective references to boys and girls; and build new narratives with and about unaccompanied migrant children living on the street).
  3. Provide inspiration through “Selected positive practices”, a compilation of specific interventions and programs that have worked at each of the levels proposed in the Chapter 2.

We hope that this document will help professionals and activists to develop new narratives and increasingly comprehensive interventions.. In this way, it will be possible to ensure that these children have full access to their rights., as the title says, beyond survival.

F. Javier Romeo and Pepa Horno


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