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Good Treatment Award for Children Dr. Pedro Gómez Bosque from the REA Association for Pepa Horno

Today I write to thank the REA Association for the honor of granting me the Good Treatment Award for Children Dr. Pedro Gomez Bosque 2021.

I have always felt privileged in my work because two things happen in it that do not usually happen easily in other professional fields. On the one hand, you receive the “echoes” from your work. Many people write to me, They stop me on the street or come up to me at the end of a course or a conference to tell me what my work, my courses or my books have meant in their lives. When they do I stay quiet and excited, I hug them because I can't find another way to explain how important those little gestures are to me. They make the privilege double, not only does your work make sense but you can see it first hand. And the meaning is the best possible: welfare, the conscience and peace of mind of the people I work with directly and of the children, girls and adolescents who, one way or another, are under your charge.

And the second wonderful thing that happens in my work is that you can see the best of the human being. Over the years working with people who suffer and with teams that hold the soul of children in their hands, girls and adolescents who suffer, I have met extraordinary people. Many people ask me how I can work in this area where, definitely, it looks the most horrible face of what the human being is capable of doing. And the reason is that it also looks the most beautiful. I see it in the faces of the boys and girls, of people in general when you alleviate their suffering in some way, when you see its value, their courage and their beauty beyond the damage they have experienced. But I also see it in that immense network of people that I have met in all countries fighting to change things.. People who are moved to tears by the pain of children, girls and adolescents they care for and are able to understand that crying as a sign of emotional strength and professional rigor. People who build networks, networks that change the lives of people and communities. They are my reason for hope. Not a utopian reason, because it is woven from scraps of reality.

The board of directors of the REA association are part of that network. They are one of those people who do not give up. People who can dedicate themselves to something else, they choose to spend their time, your knowledge, his soul and his resources to promote the good treatment of childhood and adolescence. People who make me feel accompanied on this path that can sometimes be so inhospitable. Of those that remind me that it makes sense and makes me a better professional and a better person.

But in an award there is something more. And it is that the recognition comes to you publicly. It's not just that personal email, or that call, or that person who stops you on the street. It is that they choose you to give you public recognition of your work. And that public election seems to me an immense gift and an honor that I hope to deserve..

Therefore, although I have already told you in private, go from here publicly my thanks.

A touched hug,

Pepa Horno

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