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Our philosophy

We look a world where children are treated as individuals.


We work to:

  • Provide tools and strategies to support people dealing with children.
  • Provide opportunities and spaces for people with whom we work to heal the child within us all.


We believe in:

  • The affection as the basis of human development.
  • The consistency vital between our life and our work.
  • The personal growth transforming the working profesional.
  • The deep sense of share experience and knowledge with other.
  • There are objective reasons to believe in change.
  • The enthusiasm as an essential motivation.
  • Coping with conflict as an opportunity for change.
  • The Networking and from the multidisciplinary.

Protection Policies

From Spirals Childhood Consulting we are committed to achieving full protection of children, and adolescents. One of the key elements of protection is the development of internal policies on protection organizations working with children and adolescents. Therefore, from Children Spiral Consulting public do our Child Protection Policy, assumed by the computer, by professionals who work occasionally or regularly with us and the organizations we work with.

We also have a Data protection policy which complies with current legislation in Spain and in the European Union.

Our spiral

We chose a spiral as an image and name of our project because:

We know that life proceeds in spirals: think back to the same place, but our personal situation is different, everything is different. The return is not just the next step is always possible; sometimes you need to look back, even back, before moving; because learning takes time.

We want to promote a vision of human development as a spiral process that never ends, that is constructed from a network of affects and is in continuous movement and transformation, in which we move, but sometimes seem to go back, and in which learning is setting up many new possibilities, in a process of integration of the lived.

And last, because this project is our own spiral in the professional. We return to work on that from what we know but otherwise, in an attempt to provide something our, own, and different.

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