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Roundtable on foster care in the IV talks about attachment and children's resilience in San Sebastian 4 and 5 October 2019

foster care roundtable with the participation of foster families, the Lauka Center that fulfills its 25 anniversary and coordinated by Pepa Horno to be held within IV Conversations on child attachment and resilience

Organized by José Luis Gonzalo

Place: San Sebastián / Donostia

Date: 5 October 2019

To learn more about in the round table approach you can read the interview that José Luis performed Pepa Horno here.

Registration here.

[Original Entry 16 September 2019, updated 5 October 2019, date of the event].

“Vincula”, new book by Jose Luis Gonzalo

Jose Luis Gonzalo is one of those professionals who do their work with so much humanity and warmth as rigor and professionalism. He has been working for many years as a therapist specializing in children Donosti, and adolescents in foster care or adoption situations, with stories of disorder and in many cases link severe abuse or neglect in their first years of life.

vinculate_jose_luis_gonzalo_mBut in recent years, also, gives us her blog, we have already recommended from Espirales CI in another post, for the rigor and content development in their entries. And in recent years he has made several publications. We also did echo Is all child comes with a loaf under his arm? and now we want to spread his latest book, Vincula, focused on repairing relations link foster children and adopted.

The value of this book is twofold. On the one hand, its specificity. On the attachment theory and its various contributions much published, therapeutic intervention and families to repair the damage to their relational patterns that bring children in foster care and adoption situations there is very little. It is a book as necessary as rare.

And second for its development. Jose Luis leads in a simple way the reader an understanding of the different relational patterns and disorders that can arise in them keys to the intervention of families and therapists. It is a clear and full of great little book key intervention.

Jose Luis Gonzalo is a traveling companion for those who work in Espirales IQ tuning and the common goal of our work, and in my case also, dear friend. As we discussed a couple of years, It needed to put in writing so that we all know it beneficiáramos. So congratulations, José Luis, for this book, and the generosity involved, that is so consistent with your way of being in the world.

Pepa Horno

Topic “Children at risk” Masters in the Adoption and Foster Care: Multidisciplinary Intervention (Online)

Topic “Children at risk” in Masters in Adoption and Foster Care: Multidisciplinary Intervention (Online) coordinated by the School of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport Foundation Blanquerna, belonging to the Universitat Ramon Llull, and Universidad Pontificia Comillas, through its Institute of Family and Law School (Icade).

Dates: closed within online pre-registration, teaching begins 6 October 2014.

Place: máster online, some face classes in Madrid and Barcelona.

Go to the website of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas for more information.

Go to the website of the Foundation Blaquerna Universitat Ramon Llull for more information.

Download the brochure “Masters in Adoption and Foster Care: Multidisciplinary Intervention (Online)”.

[Original Entry 2 July 2014, updated 6 October 2014, start date of the Master.]

Fears in raising: Pepa Horno article

This year, as already announced on this blog, was published my new book Choosing life. Life stories of families cozy.

The Editorial Desclée, that published, He asked me a while ago to write an article about the book for your blog. They asked me had to do with the topic, but I do not focus only on the book. So I took a chance to write an article on a topic that arises repeatedly in workshops and working with families and I am more convinced that we must be able to speak every day: fears we have as mothers or fathers, “Fears in raising”. Fears that sometimes are so difficult to confess our environment and to manage in everyday life.

But not only arises in my work as a professional. In recent years, raising my son has led me to revise, screening and extend many of the technical concepts that drove. A pass by my “guts”, as I say often in workshops. Our children are our best teachers always. They make us better people and better career. And in my case, Article I share today is also reflect this double vision and I can not want to separate: the professional and mother.

I hope mi debate are interesting results.


Video “ReMoved” on fostering

The short one “ReMoved”, the marriage formed by Nathaniel Matanick (Heschle) and Christina Matanick, and award-winning short, It reflects the experience of a child victim of domestic violence which is supervised with his brother by the system of protection and enhancement successive foster homes.

[You can enable subtitles in Spanish or English with YouTube controls]

Reflects short and shocking way the suffering of the girl, dissociation mechanisms developed and the breakdown of emotional connection to the world you need to do to survive. It also reflects the origin of what we often call “disruptive behavior”.

It is difficult to find materials awareness so crudely reflecting the pain of the victims, and that's what they get Nathaniel and Christina Matanick, who set out to reflect what they learned in their training as host family, as told in interview (English). From Spirals CI in formations we do always try to just visualize that pain, to the professionals and institutions to develop interventions that fit their suffering and give priority over other interests or needs.

In this sense, videos like this make our work much easier.


Blog “Across the red thread”

Post-adoption services that can provide guidance and support for adoptive families, once it is made adopting, It is one of the weakest points of our system of protection. Families face the challenge to love and raise a child who comes with a history and characteristics that are not discovered until you really start living together. And that is where the insights should be more present if possible.

While such institutional support is given or not given, which have indeed emerged in recent years they are spaces valuable network, promoted by adoptive families. Within these spaces, and we follow the line CI Spirals network to disseminate and generate those blogs ourselves and that we are a technical reference for us as professionals in the different topics where we work, we want to spread the blog “Across the red thread”.

Mercedes Moya takes time nurturing technical resources, reflections and personal testimonies, links and airy your questions blog “Across the red thread”, making it a benchmark for adoptive families. A place where technical resources are wisely combined, the questions about the different lines of intervention carried out with children who are adopted and personal or other testimonies that actually worth much of what is said there.

I congratulate its author, We encourage you to continue to keep that space and we thank him for everything he gives us.


Video presentation of the book “Choosing life”

Although it's been a few weeks since the launch of my book took place Choosing life. Life stories of families cozy and Madrid, I take it they have hung the video of my speech at the event to spread from our blog.

The event was like the stories told in the book that appeared: exciting. The testimony of the family who shared a table with me and gave life meaning and nuance to life stories contained in this book.

Thanks to each and everyone who came to the event, the family that participated and the Foundation Acrescere for making it possible.

I hope you like it and encourage you to get close to the experiences and lives that reflects the book.


Conference “Listening to my gut: teaching our children to be protected” as part of the assembly of ARFACyL

Pepa Horno may2014 conference poster A4Conference “Listening to my gut: teaching our children to be protected” organized under the Assembly of the Regional Association of adoptive families of Castilla and Leon (ARFACyL) Laguna de Duero (Valladolid).

Date: Saturday, 10 May 2014, to 11:00.

Place: Laguna de Duero

For more information contact the Regional association of adoptive families of Castilla and Leon (ARFACyL).

[Original Entry 28 April 2014, updated 10 May 2014, date of the event.]

Conference presentation of the book: "Choose life: life stories of foster families "in Madrid

invitation-choose-a-lifetimeConference presentation of the new book by Pepa Horno Choosing life: life stories of foster families, organized by the Foundation Acrescere in the Tram library interventions in Madrid with Alejandro Martinez, President of the Foundation Acrescere, Pepa Horno and host families.

Date: Thursday 8 May 2014, to 19:00.

Place: Bookstore Tram
Centro Comercial Moda Shopping
By. General Peron 38-40

[Original Entry 28 April 2014, updated 8 May 2014, date of completion of the conference.]

“Because we are brothers. Sibling relationships in foster care” SOS

In the life stories to be found in Choosing life. Life stories of families cozy, the book that was just released collecting testimonies of foster families, one of the elements that attracted the most attention is the story of the brothers, of the children already present in families where parental figures decided to host a child.

Their testimony is sometimes very hard and confronts us with an invisibility of their needs too prevalent in foster care processes, for both families and institutions.

In that sense, from Spiral Consulting Children just we want to spread the study Because we are brothers. Sibling relationships in foster care coordinated by Helmut Kutin and published by SOS Children's Villages International in 2012 that it addresses this reality and provides some key recommendations when intervening in the process of placement.

We hope that your interest.


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