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Project “Renewing from within”

Portada del documento "Renovando desde dentro"Sometimes life brings unexpected gifts.

At the beginning of the pandemic we were invited to participate in a group of people who have been cause for hope in these difficult times. Alberto Rodríguez and Javier Múgica took the initiative, and they invited us to the rest: Antonio Ferrandis, Marta Llauradó, Javier Soriano Romeu and, from CI Spirals, although in a personal capacity, Pepa Horno and F. Javier Romeo Biedermann. It is a group of people involved with the welfare of children, girls and adolescents who are in the protection system in Spain. What started as a series of online chats eventually evolved into an informal working group. And a year later we have the honor of presenting the results in a document that we have written collaboratively. We present them Renewing from within. Seven challenges and proposals to improve the child protection system in Spain.

And we invite you to download them The document, to read it and to send comments, ideas and proposals. Since the official website of the initiative we will continue to expand each of the proposals over the next few months. See you on that website.

With hope and awareness,

Pepa Horno and F. Javier Romeo

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Entrance “Love and violence” Pepa Horno blog advocacy of Save the Children

In this beginning of year, since we resume the CI Spirals input “Love and violence” I wrote just before the break to the blog de incidencia política de Save the Children. This organization is developing an important advocacy work face to achieve a comprehensive law on violence against children in Spain, which it is one of the basic demands in which we agreed and which we have referred in several of our advocacy posts.

When I was asked to participate in that space, and having as backdrop the work that is being developed on the subject in the subcommittee of the Congress of Deputies, I found it essential to emphasize violence against children, and adolescents when it exercised in the context of a loving relationship. I speak of the violence they experience in their families, in friendships, in their first couples, or by their near and dear educators and adults. That violence leads them to unite within itself the love and violence, a naturalizarla, a justificarla, a callarla, forcing them to develop pathological dissociation mechanisms to survive and carry them live in terror. This violence takes on a more serious face both the consequences on their development and the difficulty in detecting and disclosure of such violence who are living.

Link to this post this other post where we summarize our demands on the subject to this subcommittee of the Congress of Deputies. From Spirals CI work in several areas of incidence, training and advice to put a face to the pain of children, and adolescent victims of violence. This collaboration is for us a natural part of the job.


Blog Karicies on affective-sexual education to adolescents prepared by Rosa Sanchis

Last 14 November 2014 He was presented the book Gender relations between young and teens. How to intervene when violence? (Gender relations between young people and adolescents. How to intervene when there is violence? in Catalan) coordinated by Maria Freixanet and published by the Institute of Political and Social Sciences Barcelona, and in which he participated as an author of the first chapter: “Romantic relationships and the role of violence in teen relationships”. The book can full Internet download and deserves full reading. It has been a privilege for me to participate in it.

The book was presented at a conference for which they had also invited as a speaker to Rosa Sanchis. I knew his work and experiences of mediation between adolescents who have developed at IES Isabel de Villena where she works in Valencia. But he had never heard and did not know the blog Karicies she coordinates.

I was impressed. Clarity, its force and its teaching capacity in the exhibition were only comparable to the technical rigor of the same. So the return journey and entered the blog was a real find.

The blog collects materials of all kinds on affective sexual education for adolescents: awareness materials, videos produced by adolescents, studies, publications and entries on various topics. Special mention including on female sexuality and transsexuality.

But she made a comment about him right. The blog has a unique value not only for its contents, but by the comments left by adolescents who come to visit. She used it as a tool of their language arts classes in high school and the kids come with pseudonyms chosen from historical figures of feminism to comment on the contents.

From Spirals CI we recommend you read them, Hinder. Worth. And we give our congratulations to Rosa for his work.


Blog “Across the red thread”

Post-adoption services that can provide guidance and support for adoptive families, once it is made adopting, It is one of the weakest points of our system of protection. Families face the challenge to love and raise a child who comes with a history and characteristics that are not discovered until you really start living together. And that is where the insights should be more present if possible.

While such institutional support is given or not given, which have indeed emerged in recent years they are spaces valuable network, promoted by adoptive families. Within these spaces, and we follow the line CI Spirals network to disseminate and generate those blogs ourselves and that we are a technical reference for us as professionals in the different topics where we work, we want to spread the blog “Across the red thread”.

Mercedes Moya takes time nurturing technical resources, reflections and personal testimonies, links and airy your questions blog “Across the red thread”, making it a benchmark for adoptive families. A place where technical resources are wisely combined, the questions about the different lines of intervention carried out with children who are adopted and personal or other testimonies that actually worth much of what is said there.

I congratulate its author, We encourage you to continue to keep that space and we thank him for everything he gives us.


shared meanings: F. Javier Romeu and inopportune post

We talked of blog F. Javier Romeu some time ago, but the synergy between the post he wrote in his blog on New Year and I was writing at the time and was published Monday is so strong that we want to spread it specifically from Espirales CI. What you can read here. Admission is poignant and video that includes entry is as revealing as shocking.

If violent deaths are not counted, suicides are almost taboo and depression a reality that is easy to turn one's back. And says Javier “we live in a world where if you break your arm, all run to sign you plaster, but if you tell them you're depressed, all run in the opposite direction“. This is a reality that affects not only depression, but also victims of violence of any kind.

From here we recommend you read it with the care it deserves. And you, Javier, again, by walking hand in hand.


Networking in protecting children, and adolescents

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to work directly with three groups and experiences of networking since Spirals CI want to highlight and disseminate as reference models to consider the work that takes place in the system of protection the childhood.

Three examples of groups of professionals who have spent years trying to develop models of networking to give rigor and effectiveness the work carried out in child protection. Three different experiences together, with three different approaches, but ultimately achieved some key: give legitimacy, credibility and sustainability to the work performed.

The first is the networking that takes place ten years on City Council Burlada, Navarre. Professionals in the education field, social, health and policeburlada They are working in coordination to develop preventive programs, detection and care for children, girls and adolescents in the municipality. For more information, please see the Blog “Good Treatment for Children and Adolescents in Burlada”.

The second is the experience developed by the FEIAB in Mallorca. It is the federation that brings together entities attention to the FEIABchildhood and adolescence in the Balearic Islands. They are the entities that manage residential centers for children, and adolescents with a measure of protection. Make up a very different network entities together, but they have joined forces to achieve optimization of resources and improve the quality of their work. Special attention deserves your website good quality practices in residential centers for children and teens. Dedicadle awhile, in the arrepentiréis.

No titleFinally experience Interxarxes Lauch in that district Horta-Guinardó, in the city of Barcelona.Networking 1 In this case it is an experience of networking at the district level. Just at the VIII Forum held last Interxarxes 11 October 2013, I gave a presentation “Violence in the family: keys to see, Key to act” I share here. This entry reflects the approach of networking that we promote from Spirals CI and the key elements we want to make visible when it comes to networking that apply to the issue of violence against children, and adolescents.

from here, in my name and the CI team full Spirals, congratulate the professionals behind these experiences. For their professional quality, course, but also for the effort they have invested in improving their work and give it the legitimacy and effectiveness that only through networking can be achieved when it comes to the protection of children, and adolescents. Because they demonstrate each day if you want, It can. They have the political support of the institutions that support them, which it would be impossible without the development of these experiences, but above all they have incredible professionalism and enthusiasm and faith. And through them they change the lives of thousands of children, and adolescents who without them would never have the opportunity of full development.

For every one of these children, and adolescents: thanks.


The meaning of success

There are professionals that share road. You can meet them in person or not, but keep them in a while. Quality are related to your work. Lees their jobs, his writings, I hear at conferences and hopefully think maybe someday you can take a long cup of coffee. But mostly I feel fortunate to not walk alone.

When we Spirals CI wanted it to be a team, a team to work hand in hand. In our philosophy we said, believe in teamwork, in networking, not only professionally but as affective basis of child development.

Well, F. Romeu Javier Soriano is one of those professionals who share, sabiéndolo him in the, our way. Psychologist protection system, works in a shelter and biological father and cozy (and despite the similarity in name, not our Spirals Javier, F. Javier Romeo Biedermann). He opened a blog some time ago that I highly recommend. It is called “Designing past, future remembering” and is centered on the theme of resilience. Leedle, dedicadle the time it deserves. I really do not regret it.

But today has posted an entry that has led me to write this post. I stalled more so than the average (although the latest posts with testimonies of children welcomed me already strong draft). I liked the content of the video input and forwarding. So forwarding entry into this link, and insert the video in this post. Because the video addresses something that has become a mainstay of work on parenting, attachment and gender. The issue of balance between life and work, between love our children and professional demands.

The video is in English, but you can see the translation of the text displaying the menu below the video to the right or one of the two programs I link here from the second minute.

Thanks, Javier, for your work, for your consistency, be traveling companion, and for each of your writings. And thank you especially for today's post.

I hope that you who read this post I contribute as much as I.


A small guide to parenting

Occasionally small wonders come through the network. Wonders of the ease with which explain the most important things.

Therefore, although we do not usually include materials that are in English only, in this case from Spirals CI we wanted to make an exception with this wonderful blog written by a father of six. Because it is brief, clear and wise.

Just thinking of the three major proposed rules for raising our children: be there, love them and be present with awareness.

We hope you enjoy it and we as a reminder, in the summer if it is more than ever because we have more time to implement :-).


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