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Label: Focusing

Article “We accompany with the person that we are”, F. Javier Romeo, for the initiative “Renewing from within”

Portada del artículo "Acompañamos con la persona que somos" de F. Javier RomeoThe pandemic has brought us many difficult things, and I wish it hadn't happened. And even so we can use their symbols to have a greater awareness about our way of being with children, and adolescents who have suffered much, as is the case with those who live with protection measures.

The initiative “Renewing from within”, from which we already talked about its launch in May 2021, aims to offer some ideas to continue reflecting on the protection system in Spain (and can also be used for many other places). My contribution this month is article “We accompany with the person that we are”, in which I offer a series of analogies between measures against COVID-19 and the awareness we need when dealing with children, girls and adolescents with protection measures. It is aimed at professionals and families of all kinds (originally, cozy, adoptivas…).

You can read the article in the blog of “Renewing from within”, from where you can also download it in PDF.

And I would love to know if those metaphors serve you, or how would you raise them from your point of view. I will read you carefully.

F. Javier Romeo

Taller online “Finding the felt sense with objects: a way to interact with the inner parts” given by F. Javier Romeo at the International Conference on Focusing Guided Therapy El 23 October 2020

Workshop "Finding the felt sense with objects: a way to interact with the interior parts " given by F. Javier Romeo in the International Online Focusing Guided Therapy Conference (International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference), a practical way for psychotherapists from all over the world to learn about the tools of this type of therapy, and F. Javier Romeo employs in his practice of psychotherapy face-to-face in Madrid and by videoconference.

Date: Friday 23 October 2020, 09:00-11:00 on New York time (15:00-17:00 in Madrid time) (you can check the schedule in other time zones here).

Place: online.

Language: the workshop will be in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

More information about the workshop on F's personal page. Javier Romeo, True Connection More, and español and English.

Official information and registration: website of the International Conference on Focusing Guided Therapy (the International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference).

[Original Entry 9 October 2020, updated 23 October 2020, date of the event].

Workshop “Focusing, body and safety: Focusing for the prevention of violence” in Madrid 11 and 12 November 2017

Raise awareness of the body as a place of protection against violence is one of my key professional priorities. In this workshop, “Focusing, body and safety: Focusing for the prevention of violence” I combine my job more than a decade dedicated to protecting children against various types of violence (the last eight years Spiral Consulting Children) with technical power Focusing, a technique that works the psychological aspects from the body dimension. In fact, when accompanied processes as psychologist and psychotherapist, Focusing is one of the pillars (If you are interested you can see the book by Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing in clinical practice, I have translated into Spanish).

Focusing may provide a new way to create security in our lives through the body. All people we want to be treated well, with respect and consideration. But, witness violence at various levels frequently. If we are also in contact with children, and adolescents, both in our families and from our work, we see many situations of violence and ask ourselves how to prevent it. This workshop is geared to work so vivencial an operational concept of violence with an experiential base from the body. So we can identify violence from our body while we can act more clearly and protective way in our lives and in our professional field.

This workshop is aimed at people interested in learning more about how to manage violence from a safe position within the body, both personally and professionally (social intervention specialists from psychology, psychotherapy, social work, education…). Focusing prior knowledge they are not needed (although it will be an advantage). This workshop is a recognized monograph for obtaining the Diploma in Focusing of Spanish Institute of Focusing.

Date: Saturday 11 November 2017 the 10:00 a 14:00 and 16:00 a 20:00 and Sunday 12 November 2017 the 10:00 a 14:00.

Place: Space “Spend this is your home”
C/Costa Brava, input C / La Masó 2, plant 1, local 8
28031 Madrid
(Metro Paco de Lucía, line 9; buses 133,134 and 178)

Price: 170 EUR.

More information and registration Focusing Centro, organized training:

I hope you find it of interest,

F. Javier Romeo

[Original Entry 18 October 2017, updated 12 November 2017, workshop date].

Workshop “Focusing and experiential work with violence” Focusing on the Open National Meeting in Seville 14 October 2017

Children from Espirales Consulting increasingly insist on the importance of the body in preventing, detection and intervention (including therapy) of any kind of violence, both children, and adolescents and adults. In my experience, the Focusing It is an especially useful tool for healing and protective transformations.

That's why I find it a great pleasure to offer my workshop “Focusing and experiential work with violence” within First National Open Meeting Focusing organized by the Spanish Institute of Focusing and practically coordinated by the team Experiential space of Sevilla. This event is thus presented:

“The first National Meeting Focusing Open to be held in Seville, the days 12, 13, 14 and 15 October 2017, and we invite you to participate, It is a space to encourage meeting between people who use Focusing in a professional field and personal life, or who want to know. A space that allows us to disseminate new experiences and applications in different fields Focusing: therapy, groups, education ,health, personal growth, spirituality etc.. A space, ultimately enabling exchange experiences and reflections on the experiential paradigm and Focusing”.

In therapeutic work, individual and group, in social work with different groups (especially children, adolescence and youth), we can see the effects of violence in their lives. This workshop's general objective is to work experientially the concept of violence in our lives as a first step to prevent, detect and intervene in situations of violence.

Date: Saturday 14 October 2017, to 16:30.

Place: Hotel NH Collection Sevilla
Ave. Diego Martínez Barrio, 8
41013 Seville

For more information and registration, Consult Open the website of the National Meeting Focusing in Seville 2017.

I hope you find it of interest,

F. Javier Romeo

[Original Entry 27 September 2017, updated 14 October 2017, date of the workshop].

Workshop “Focusing and body dimension of violence” in the Day “Emotions and Psychotherapy” in Madrid 15 March 2017

Those of us who you follow while you already know our interest in body size in all affective processes, especially in hard experiences of violence. And you know how much I appreciate the Focusing as a particularly useful tool to get closer to our intelligence somatosensory. So it is for me an honor to have been invited to give a workshop on “Focusing and body dimension of violence” inside of Working Day “Emotions and psychotherapy: Challenges and Applications”, organized by the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid.

The proposed workshop, which it is geared to professional psychotherapy, is the next:

In psychotherapy practice we see many situations of violence, from the most subtle to the most intense, and especially its consequences. This workshop offers an experiential journey through experiential exercises based on Focusing de Eugene Gendlin. In this way we can get to identify violence from the body (besides from cognitively), an essential step to increase our effectiveness in preventing, detection and intervention in cases of violence (child abuse and its effects in adulthood, sexual abuse, gender violence…).

Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2017, the 15:30 a 17:30.

Place: Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid – Icade
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23

More information and registration on the website of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid.

Download the complete program of the Day “Emotions and Psychotherapy: Challenges and Applications”.

I hope to see you in this exciting journey,

F. Javier Romeo

[input 28 February 2017, updated 15 March 2017, event date].

Focusing Centro, the new draft comprehensive training in Focusing

In impart soil formations talk Focusing as a very profound tool for both emotional education as psychological intervention in psychotherapy (I attend in my consultation psychology in Madrid from a solid base of Focusing).

And there are now new possibilities to know in depth the Focusing, and just launched Focusing Centro, the new draft comprehensive training in Focusing in which participated as an external collaborator.


After months of preparation, finally sees the light of this new initiative. They have undertaken a Focusing team with extensive experience: Isabel Gascón, Ema Lucia, Carlos Gonzalez and Beatriz Cazurro, and we support other trainers and external partners. The we recommend from Espirales Consulting Children, because it offers a complete perspective, both emotional support and intervention with children, and adolescents and for the healing of children's issues and in adults and even teamwork among professionals.

So the project is presented on the website:

Focusing Centro It is a team of professionals certified by the International Institute Focusing born with the commitment and enthusiasm to offer a customized training, and rigorous quality. From Focusing Center strongly we believe in this body self-healing capacity that we all possess and we want to promote and teach this technique and this philosophy with a personalized training, and rigorous quality. We offer comprehensive training plan and also the possibility that people who are now in training to end his career”.

For more information, it is best that you use the possibilities offered in the contact page directly, that is from where it is centralizing all information. If however you want to ask something specific, I can inform you also contact the usual way.

I hope to see you soon in one of these formations that claim to teach, with the usual phrase Focusing, a “listen to the whispers of the body before they have to yell” (Ann Weiser Cornell).

F. Javier Romeo

Manual “Focusing in clinical practice” de Ann Weiser Cornell (translated by F. Javier Romeo)

Who ask me in workshops how to introduce techniques Focusing in therapeutic follow your work you're in luck. Just published the manual published Focusing in clinical practice. The essence of change, the last book Ann Weiser Cornell in Castilian, I have had the honor to translate I.


This book is part of the Psychology Library of Editorial Desclée, and he has appeared thanks to the interest of the author, Ann Weiser Cornell (who participated in the various nuances of translation), Driven by Isabel Gascón (National coordinator and proofreader dedicated Focusing all phrases and concepts of the book), and thanks to the interest and care of the editorial team unpaste. You can read the index and Ann Weiser Cornell presentations and Isabel Gascón in promotional booklet.

As Ann Weiser Cornell itself says in the “Introduction”, his “intention is to provide a concise guide on how to incorporate Focusing on any form of psychotherapy” (p. 35), and achieved through the various chapters, from a conceptualization of the essence of change (a track: Are the heartfelt feelings Focusing explored in) the various steps in therapy to especially difficult cases (including trauma addiction and depression). There is also a chapter dedicated specifically to integrate Focusing on different therapeutic modalities (different schools and currents), and reflections on the Focusing therapists (as key people in therapy can advance more quickly and fluidly).

Although not directly address psychotherapy with children, the general formulation gives clues that begin to integrate the attitudes and tools Focusing on your accompaniment. the concepts, and the presence proposals are explained in detail, and finally touches us each as psychotherapist (I have my consultation psychology in Madrid for children, adolescents and adults) adapt to our specific practice with each person, big or small.

That we have already held this magnificent book in Spanish and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed translating.

F. Javier Romeo

Levels I and II Focusing in Madrid in October and November 2016

It is usual in our training we listen to talk about the importance of body size, both care for children, and adolescents as in our own interior, with all internal elements that we mobilize. The Focusing It is a fascinating tool to incorporate presence and attention to the body both professionally and from family.

focusing_madrid_octubre_noviembre_2016With this intention I have organized the next levels Focusing in Madrid, with the following information (extended appearing in the attached document). All training is recognized by the Spanish Institute for the Diploma Focusing Focusing.


For Focusing elements from within, an experiential way.

Dates: Saturday 15 October 2016, the 10:00 a 14:00 and 16:00 a 20:00 and Sunday 16 October 2016 the 10:00 a 14:00.
new option: Saturday 29 October 2016, the 10:00 a 14:00 and 16:00 a 20:00 and Sunday 30 October 2016 the 10:00 a 14:00.

Place: Psychological consultation
C / Ferraz, 43, 1Left Outside th
28008 Madrid

Metro: Argüelles (lines 3, 4 and 6) five minutes walk.

Bus: 21 and 74 a dos minutos a pie. 1, 44, 133 and C2 five minutes walk.

Price: 150 EUR (see discounts on general document). Includes materials and Focusing an individual session with me between October and December 2016 (outside the course schedule, Skype for those who live outside Madrid).


To start accompany Focusing (wisely) to other people.

Dates: Saturday 19 November 2016, the 10:00 a 14:00 and 16:00 a 20:00 and Sunday 20 November 2016 the 10:00 a 14:00.

Place: Psychological consultation
C / Ferraz, 43, 1Left Outside th
28008 Madrid

Metro: Argüelles (lines 3, 4 and 6) five minutes walk.

Bus: 21 and 74 a dos minutos a pie. 1, 44, 133 and C2 five minutes walk.

Price: 150 EUR (see discounts on general document) Includes materials.

More information and registration by contacting me at the phone (+34) 657 680 165 or e-mail.

Download the document with all the information about Levels I and II Focusing in Madrid in October and November 2016.

I hope you find it of interest.

F. Javier Romeo

[Original Entry 4 October 2016, updated 20 November 2016, date of last training].

Interview with F. Javier Romeo on “Focusing and working experientially violence” from the International Focusing Institute


In November, the interview appeared in which I commented on "Focusing and how to work experientially with issues of violence" (“Focusing and how to work experientially with violence”). Protection against violence in childhood and adolescence is one of the main themes of Spiral Consulting Children, as you know those who follow our work.

The International Focusing Institute (The International Focusing Institute, the organization that coordinates international activities related to training and dissemination of Focusing, and he has certified me as a trainer and as Focusing Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist) promotes "Conversations" (English) Focusing professionals from around the world in the most innovative aspects, with the idea of ​​spreading the progress and inspire new fields of action. Serge Prengel, A trainer and psychotherapist Focusing Focusing Oriented who met in the Focusing International Conference 2016 Cambridge (United Kingdom), acts as the host, and you can see the style that uses Focusing: with active listening through empathic reflection, with ample breaks, allowing new ideas and to unfold at its own pace.

In this "conversation" going to be able to hear such topics as:

  • Violence as a stopped process ("Something had to have happened to carry out the situation, but it did not happen, so that the process is blocked ").
  • Damage defines violence, and the damage is experienced from the body.
  • Finding a "handle" (“handle”) for violence (identify) It is the first step out of it: this requires becoming aware of the cultural patterns that make us normalize violence.
  • The role of power in violence.
  • The attached affection care as a way to avoid violence (and body dimension that can be achieved by focusing).
  • Detection and intervention in cases of violence in Protecting Children.
  • A message of hope about the possibilities to heal and transform violence, and Focusing as a great tool for doing.

And if you want to experience how to transform the experience of violence from the body by Focusing, I'm available for specific sessions or Psychotherapy in Madrid (you can contact me directly).

I hope you find it of interest, and I will love to hear your reactions to it.

F. Javier Romeo-Biedma

Focusing workshop on prevention of violence at the International Conference Focusing 2016 Cambridge (United Kingdom)

focusing_conference_2016It is my pleasure to join two elements that fascinate me, the Focusing and all aspects that have to do with prevention, detection and intervention in cases of violence. So I live as an honor to deliver my workshop “Finding a Handle for Violence In Our Lives” (“Find a handle for violence in our lives”) on the implementation of Focusing for the prevention of violence 27Th International Conference Focusing 2016 Cambridge (United Kingdom). This conference is an international event organized by the British Focusing Association, and open to members International Focusing Institute (The Focusing Institute) of all the world, so that is a great opportunity to spread this work I've been doing for some time, training in both general public and professionals as Psychology consultation with children, adolescents and adults. I also hope to learn much of what is being done with Focusing in different fields of psychotherapy, emotional education, intervention with children, adolescents and different cultural approaches.

Date: New date: Saturday 23 July 2016, the 11:00 a 13:00.

Place: Robinson College
United Kingdom

Description: When we are working with children, adolescence and youth, with at-risk populations, environments social intervention, with clients in therapy, we can see the effects of violence in their lives. In this workshop we will work experientially to find a handhold for violence in our own lives as a first step to prevent and detect situations of violence. We will explore how to identify violence from a physical perspective and empower Focusing -and transform violence around us-there.

Addressed to: Professional (psychology, of therapeutic intervention, of Education, social work, and so on.) working with children, girls, adolescents and young, with at-risk populations, with clients in therapy; people working for social change (associations, foundations, and so on.); and the general public interested in managing new forms of violence.

Read this post in English.

F. Javier Romeo Biedermann

[Original Entry 3 June 2016, updated 23 July 2016, date of the workshop].

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