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Label: gender

Childhood Strategy for Spanish Cooperation

A few months ago was presented the Childhood Strategy for Spanish Cooperation and from Spiral Consulting Children we want to echo the lights and shadows of this document and what it means.

estrategia_infancia_aecidFirst, is cause for joy that Spanish Cooperation has a framework document that frame all children's issues, which had been claimed by children's organizations had already been for years. We still surprising that children continue to be in such a secondary plane, being as it is a part of life for all people spent largely determines the rest of life. But finally it has published the Strategy for Children, and that is cause for celebration, although there appeared much later than other strategic lines.

On the other hand, is congratulating the participation of entities from childhood has been real and effective, and claims may be perceived and guidelines for working with children from a human rights approach in chapter 3, “Framework”, with clear ideas but perhaps too summarized for those who do not know in depth the scope of the principles and concepts set out.

The chapter 4, “Framework for Action”, collects the set of objectives and guidelines for all aspects considered as priority:

  1. Democratic governance childhood: basically, approach include the rights of children in all interventions, and enhance the consideration of children's rights at all levels.
  2. Reducing vulnerability and promoting social cohesion, FSN, health, education and water and sanitation.
  3. Gender equality and empowerment of girls.
  4. inclusive and sustainable economic growth that takes into account children, and adolescents.
  5. Involving children, and adolescents in environmental sustainability.
  6. Specific considerations on children in humanitarian aid.
  7. Building a global citizenship that takes into account the Rights of the Child and facilitates the involvement of children, and adolescents.

It seems that this analysis is quite comprehensive, which addresses all aspects globally integrated. Of course, It is a step in that direction, but we in Spiral Consulting Children strikes us that there is a specific line to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence against children (as it does exist on Sustainable Development Goals, the goal 16.2 “Ending abuse, The explotion, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children”). It is true that appear references to protection against violence, as the strategic line 2.4.6. against violence in educational settings (But what happens in other environments, especially in the family and in the community?), the line 3.2.2. for the elimination of violence against girls (and what about children?) or line 6.1.1. on care for child victims of violence, is, exploitation, sexual abuse, forced prostitution, rape or domestic violence in emergency and humanitarian aid (And what it is done in situations other than emergency?).

In summary, It is a document that provides a framework to discuss childhood and cooperation with professionals from multiple fields (not necessarily childhood) and laying the foundation to move forward. We hope that one of these advances is the inclusion of an integrated approach of prevention and eradication of violence against children, and that can be included in the revisions that are provided in the document within a few years.

We hope you find of interest,

F. Javier Romeo

“La Casa del Mar Calma”, story for children who are victims of gender violence

Today is the International Day Against Gender Violence. And as in the past, Spirals CI since we take the opportunity to increase the visibility of children victims of domestic violence and demand an accurate attention to their specific needs and characteristics.

baner_la_casa_del-marBut we can not always do that bringing such a sensitive material like this story. La Casa del Mar Calma It is a story written by Cortés Fernández Itzíar, specializing in care for women and children victims of domestic violence and illustrated by Lorena Zamora psychologist. He has been promoted and financed by the Association of Women Opañel.

I have had the privilege of writing the prologue to the story. The story tells children that come to an emergency shelter protection system how the center, what will happen in it and name the emotions that children may be living in these times.

This story is a necessary tool as far as poor. Develop tools tailored to the specific needs of child victims of gender violence, his language and understanding. As I say in the foreword, “It takes an infinite delicacy, many hours of watching and listening to these children and their mothers, Pour tenderness and preserve the look of your inner child” to write a story well. From here I reiterate my congratulations on a job like this and my thanks for writing, illustrate and publish.

violencia_de_genero_canariasAnd linked with this we want from spreading CI Spirals other material which collect part of the work I've developed on this issue and I find a complete guide to address it. It is the Guide attention to child victims of domestic violence of Canary Islands Institute of Equality, a detailed and comprehensive manual intervention from its title recognizes children, and adolescents (while still calling mistakenly under) for what they are: direct victims of male violence.

Celebrate a day like this talking about resources from various professional and geographical areas are being developed to meet their victims, women and children, It is certainly the best tribute we can make them, in the pain and injustice that involves gender violence.

Pepa Horno

Guidelines for prevention and intervention families to gender violence among adolescents

The violence in teen relationships is a problem in which we work from CI Spirals years. During this time, we have witnessed a marked change in approach. The violence that occurs among adolescents in its different forms is one of the clearest examples of how it has managed to increase sensitivity to social and institutional reality.

Because violence was always present in schools but it acted very differently to it, since standardization or trivializing it as “kid stuff” to denial of the problem in all its forms by teams of teachers and administrators and families themselves. We've been making as an indicator of quality of a center that “do not appear to be cases of violence” understand as a quality indicator that the center develops programs to promote the emotional and sexual education, equality, coexistence and conflict mediation, among others. This evolution from denial to positive coping speaks of a change in social perception and institutional involvement in the same.

But one of the least discussed aspects of this problem is to work with families. It works, greater or lesser extent depending on the center, within schools, but work with families remains an open question, and so it is largely the involvement of families in activities and programs promoted by the centers to address these issues. But, when cases occur, coordinated work between the center, Family and social services, health and / or police are key in caring for victims and aggressors and aggressors, to not forget that we are required to meet the same way in these cases victims. And with them and they, to their families.

The materials we release today are key tools to mitigate this lack of strategies that families have when they have to address the reality that their sons or daughters are immersed in a situation of violence. They have value in themselves just because they address the anguish of families, and try to clearly and concisely give them some basic strategies for action.

On the one hand two materials focusing on gender violence in teen dating. The Guide for parents with teenage daughters who suffer gender violence together with the other material: My daughter's boyfriend mistreats: What can we do?, both made by Juan Ignacio Paz Rodriguez and Paola Fernandez and published by Zurbarán Andalusian Institute for Women.


Both materials contained guidelines for action for families who suspect or have evidence that your daughter is a victim of domestic violence by an intimate partner. They give guidance on how to talk to her about it, indicators gravity of the situation, coordinated work with the center and the emotional support they have to offer his daughter in the process of breaking with the violent partner and rebuilt as a person, healing the damage that gender violence has left in it. Reconstruction necessarily involve your family.

As part of its protective duty towards our children, mothers and fathers more than ever we must know and be present in affective and relational networks of our children. We hope that these materials serve families who follow us and the professionals who have daily contact with families to incorporate practical tools to prevent and address this reality.

Pepa Horno

Documentary “New Girls 24 hours” Mabel Lozano on human trafficking

Shocking. Uncomfortable. Essential.

The last friday, 4 September 2015, It was the official premiere of the documentary in Madrid “New Girls 24 hours”, (@chicasnuevas24h) directed and co-produced by Mabel Lozano (LozanoMabel). Since Spiral Consulting Children spent years working to prevent, detection and intervention in cases of is of children, girls and adolescents for sexual exploitation and know Mabel Lozano's work in this area. So I bought my ticket to the premiere and the subsequent discussion with the principal and other personalities. I left shocked and at the same time with some satisfaction at the results, Despite the hardness of the subject: to have a new material, so valuable, and because it is taking so popular (tickets to the premiere and the next day sold out, social networks are very active in this regard, the public is composed not only by professionals in the field but also by the general public knows so an issue as invisible).

You can see the main trailer to get an idea, in which you can identify its main features.

First, It is a documentary Shocking. Relates directly extreme violation of children, adolescent and adult sexual exploitation within the trafficking networks, and that always hits. It combines the great figures (trafficking in Spain moves daily about five million euros, moves around the world 32.000 million annually…) with concrete stories of girls and women exploited within their own country (intra deals) and out (international trafficking). And details

It is also a documentary uncomfortable. For details that trafficking in persons is not a matter of a few criminals, but there are many sectors of society that profit while closing their eyes (major newspapers with ads of contacts that the victims never would write, Travel agencies, taxi drivers, municipalities to tax the supposedly local “voluntary alternate”), and especially the misnamed “customers”, to Rocio Mora, the APRAMP, It is given in the name of the documentary “prostituyentes” (if there was no demand, there would offer).

And it is certainly a documentary essential. Because despite the harshness of the subject, not enter any moment in the rough. In fact, as said the director herself in the subsequent discussion the premiere (and appears on your website), in Paraguay they are translating the entire documentary Guarani and they will be mapped to all secondary schools in the capital, as prevention, and since it is also preparing the translation into Quechua to carry educational and social centers Peru. He trafficking for sexual exploitation is not an issue of sex, or at least it should not be seen as well: it is an issue of violation of basic rights, it is an issue of slavery and mistreatment. And it's a matter of money (It is among the three most lucrative illegal business, beside the arms trade and drug trafficking).

Anything to improve? The documentary is clearly oriented from a gender perspective, which it is essential in the phenomenon of trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation, since the majority of sufferers are women and girls and the vast majority of those charged are men, and it is suitable. But, What about children and adolescents, who they are also victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, and even some adult men are also exploited? I would have liked that at least they would have mentioned also, so that young boys do not become invisible in invisible.

Since Spiral Consulting Children wish him all the best documentary, and hope it can be affordable in multiple formats in many places.

And while we encourage you to watch the trailer, to investigate the news of his web (many opinion articles have very enriching) and be aware of your local billboard, to see when it premieres.

It is continuing to create awareness.

F. Javier Romeo

Upgrading to 23 September 2015, International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking: the entrance “Focusing and Nonviolent Communication to repair the sexual exploitation” It offers new ideas.

Blog Karicies on affective-sexual education to adolescents prepared by Rosa Sanchis

Last 14 November 2014 He was presented the book Gender relations between young and teens. How to intervene when violence? (Gender relations between young people and adolescents. How to intervene when there is violence? in Catalan) coordinated by Maria Freixanet and published by the Institute of Political and Social Sciences Barcelona, and in which he participated as an author of the first chapter: “Romantic relationships and the role of violence in teen relationships”. The book can full Internet download and deserves full reading. It has been a privilege for me to participate in it.

The book was presented at a conference for which they had also invited as a speaker to Rosa Sanchis. I knew his work and experiences of mediation between adolescents who have developed at IES Isabel de Villena where she works in Valencia. But he had never heard and did not know the blog Karicies she coordinates.

I was impressed. Clarity, its force and its teaching capacity in the exhibition were only comparable to the technical rigor of the same. So the return journey and entered the blog was a real find.

The blog collects materials of all kinds on affective sexual education for adolescents: awareness materials, videos produced by adolescents, studies, publications and entries on various topics. Special mention including on female sexuality and transsexuality.

But she made a comment about him right. The blog has a unique value not only for its contents, but by the comments left by adolescents who come to visit. She used it as a tool of their language arts classes in high school and the kids come with pseudonyms chosen from historical figures of feminism to comment on the contents.

From Spirals CI we recommend you read them, Hinder. Worth. And we give our congratulations to Rosa for his work.


Exhibition “Progress and challenges in caring for children and girls victims of gender violence” in Congress 28 November 2014 Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Exhibition “Progress and challenges in caring for children and girls victims of gender violence” in I Congress on Gender Violence Tenerife (Canary Islands) “Live without fear” organized by the Insular Institute for Social Care and Sociosanitaria (IASS) the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife day 27 and 28 November 2014.

Date: Friday 28 November 2014, the 16:00 a 17:30.

Place: Lecture Hall of the Campus Guajara
University of La Laguna
Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Download the full Congress program.

Go to Congress website for registration.

[Original Entry 30 October 2014, updated 28 November 2014, event date.]

Exhibition “Romantic relationships and the role of violence in teen relationships” in Barcelona 14 November 2014

Exhibition “Romantic relationships and the role of violence in teen relationships” in XIII Seminars “Cities and People” “Gender relations among young teens. How to intervene when there is violence?” organized by the Institute of Social and Political Sciences Barcelona.

Date: Friday, 14 November 2014, to 10:30.

Attention: new place due to the high number of people registered: Mundet grounds, Migjorn first floor of Pavilion, block A.
Passeig Vall d'Hebron 171 (entry by c / Harmony, southern access)

Download the syllabus. inscriptions closed.

[Original Entry 29 September 2014, updated 14 November 2014, date of the event.]

Nobel Prize for the defense of the rights of children with their participation

Spiral Consulting Children Since we have read with great joy these days the announcement that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded 2014 two persons representing the defense of the rights of children with their participation. According to the Committee that awards the Nobel Prize, se les concede a Kailash Satyarthi y a Malala Yousafzai “for his fight against the oppression of children and the right of all children to education”, as they say in official statement in English. An Indian man, Hindu religion, and a Pakistani teenager, Muslim, each with its history of defending the rights of children, and yet both from the perspective of participation that fills us with satisfaction.

Kailash Satyarthi, Pepa and Javier whom we know by its proximity to the deal in Congress on the rights of children, receives the award after working for the rights of children for over three decades. That with only six years in his native India he saw the differences between those like him could go to school and other children who began working at that age. That led him to the defense of working children from 1980, India first Bachpan Bachao Bandol (Movement to Save the Children), he founded, then globally in the Global March Against Child Labour and then different movements for children, emphasizing its participation in campaigns for education. We particularly appreciate the emphasis always placed on the involvement of children in proceedings affecting them, and how children who have their rights recognized at least in part can fight for the rights of others not (hence the promotion of awareness activities in schools for those who can not study, eg. You can follow your work your website, we want to fill with more data after receiving the award, and in his Twitter account k_satyarthi.

Malala Yousafzai, It is a model of excellence and an example of what they can do for children when they find a space to express and defend their rights from their perspective. Malala rose to fame when the Taliban seriously wounded in a specific attack against it. Original del valle de Swat, in Pakistan, his father was a school teacher and had, with a history of struggle for the right to education of boys and girls. When the Taliban occupied the valley and began to limit access to education, especially girls, Malala, supported by his father and the whole family, He began at twelve Urdu writing a blog under a pseudonym in which recounted the difficulties they had to study every day. He eventually started dating in the media of Pakistan and gained notoriety, until the Taliban threatened to kill her and finally shot him when he returned from school. Fortunately he could now move forward despite the injuries and operations and (seventeen) keep studying, but in the UK, while it is defending the rights of all children to education, “including children of terrorists”, and insists. It has created a foundation in his name, Malala Fund, which also makes spokesman in with Twitter account MalalaFund, apart from your personal account @Official_Malala. You can see his character in this video snippet.

It is good news that allows to highlight the concrete example that people assume the day. We hope this blog will serve so that you can discuss the example Kailash and assume Malala, both professionals and home, especially with children, and adolescents, to be aware of the power they have. As Malala said at the news “My message to all children: fight for your rights. This award is for you”.

Congratulations to both from Spiral Consulting Children! Congratulations, Kailash and Malala!

Joe, Javier and Lucy

Conference “Educafectos against abuse and sexual abuse” Lalin (Pontevedra)

Conference Educafectos against abuse and sexual abuse” in X Course Summer Equal Opportunity 2014 “New Frontiers in equal opportunities 2.0. What to do with the violence since gender education?” co-organized by the Institute of Education Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela and by Equality Bureau of the City of Lalin, Lalin (Pontevedra).

Date: Thursday 17 July 2014, the 10:00 a 11:30.

Place: Municipal Auditorium
Square Park s / n
Lalin (Pontevedra)

Download the full program and registration information.

[Original Entry 28 May 2014, updated 17 July 2014, date of completion of the conference.]

Course “Children victims of gender violence” in Ejea de los Caballeros (Saragossa)

child victims of violence gender1Training course for professionals involved with victims of domestic violence “Children victims of gender violence”, organized by the Equal Service Ejea de los Caballeros in Zaragoza within the “municipal program for the eradication of violence against women”.

Dates: Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January 2014.

Place: Civic Center Ejea de los Caballeros
Paseo del Muro 22-24
50600 Ejea de los Caballeros

For more information and registration have the Regional Centre of Social Services on Calle Mayor Justice of Aragon 20, 1º, Ejea de los Caballeros ( or call 976 67 75 59.

Training program.

[Original Entry 3 December 2013, updated 17 January 2014, date of completion of training.]

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