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“Metaphors for consciousness”, new book by Pepa Horno and presentation video

Every new book is a gift, the end of a project that lasts many months. Like a dream that, taking shape, becomes real. Today I am lucky to be able to introduce you Metaphors for consciousness, book me number 13. It's a good number to make a spiral. Because this book is mine like the previous ones, but at the same time it's different.

Metaphors for consciousness collects the images that I use the most in training and therapy. They are images that I shaped throughout my professional career, in an attempt to give “lifetime” and make the technical concepts of psychology understandable. This book is a good example that it is the way of doing things that marks the effectiveness of what we do as professionals. It is not so much the “what”. It is mostly the “how come”. This book contains many hours searching “how come” accurate.

They are metaphors that I have been able to verify over the years that help people to make their “building” interior (preview of one of the metaphors), to bring awareness to their life story and understand how they have come to be who they are. Pictures that help them see their “boy” the “girl” interior, to take care of it, pet or cradle him.

How I write on the back cover:

“This book is written for anyone who wants to ask questions, look in, raise awareness. The consciousness that allows us to understand our personal history and, From there, be free and have peace. That peace that comes when we can understand and order. When can we let go. When we can honor”. (Download the presentation brochure).

It is not a technical book, but yes it is. It is not a poetic book, but so is. It is narration and illustration with the wonderful images that Zaida escobar (see Zaida Escobar's account on Instagram) has created for each of the metaphors, of the texts. Each metaphor is narrated in two languages: a poetic one that anyone can read and with hardly any technical terms; and other, the visual and soul, through the illustrations that accompany each text and give it life and depth. Thanks from my heart, Zaida, for giving these pages another life.

Thanks also to the publisher Desclée De Brouwer that, again, bet again for my work.

I really believe that this book deserves to be gifted. That's why i wrote it. So that those images reach beyond my query, of my lectures… even all those who want to use them to look inside or to accompany others in that process of conscious gazing.

I just hope you like it, that excites you like me, serve them. Whatever is, it will be OK.

Pepa Horno

Upgrading to 23 December 2020

The book presentation video is now available at the online event “Conscious coffee” made by videoconference with the participation of Pepa Horno, author of, and Zaida escobar (see Zaida Escobar's account on Instagram), the illustrator. In the presentation two metaphors are read and the symbolism of the illustrations and their elaboration process are explained, and there is conversation through participation in the chat.


23 November, 2020

Congratulations on your book number 13. Sharing the metaphors and images that accompany you in psychotherapy is a luxury for readers like me. With love, thanks Zaida and Pepa

Comment the Pepa Horno – CI Spirals
24 November, 2020

Thanks, Alberto. I'd love to know what you think when you read it.. For me it will be a gift.
A hug,

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Comment the Cristina
4 February, 2021

Ha sido un bonito viaje en el que las metáforas poetizan y facilitan el poder identificarse con estos fundamentales de la vida.
Permiteme que comparta contigo un hecho extraordinario: en la última sesión de la formación antes de la pademia, tuve el impulso de regalarte un libro lleno de planetas y metáforassi saber bien cúal era el fin. Y ha sido una sorpresa descubrir que el color de los campos de trigo, dan sentido a aquel impulso….
Muchas gracias Pepa

Comment the Pepa Horno – CI Spirals
9 February, 2021

Querida Cristina, qué bonito tu comentario y qué increíbles que son los hilos de la vida! Los impulsos que nos nacen siempre tienen un sentido, pero a veces no lo vemos hasta después. Me doy por regalada 😉
Abrazo agradecido,

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