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Manual “Accompanying the wounds of the soul. Trauma in childhood and adolescence” F. Javier Romeo

Children, and adolescents who go through the protection system have been very complicated situations, While often marks show of trauma. Fully understand the trauma, learn to identify and act protectively are professional responsibilities in any organization working on protection. So it has been an honor for me to have written this manual, Accompanying the wounds of the soul. Trauma in childhood and adolescence, which is published in the framework of a new project with SOS Children's Villages through its Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Two versions of the document:

This manual covers the basic points are collected to consider regarding four aspects:

  • The conceptualization of trauma, from the basics to current theories, with different types of trauma contemplated and the relationship between trauma and link. There is also a reflection on how the intervention own protection (the entry into the family, the removal of children, and adolescents in their homes…) It can be traumatic if performed improperly.
  • The identification of trauma from indicators, with special attention to dissociation (which it is a topic of great interest in formations, and on which there is often little awareness). Addition, is discussed in more detail the influence of the trauma in especially difficult to manage demonstrations: and behaviors aggressiveness result of sexual abuse.
  • The intervention understood holistically:
    • The detection, which can be made from any field, to derive professional specialists who can make the evaluation.
    • Intervention system level, using the tools already worked in Safe and protective environments, the Positive discipline and Aware affectivity.
    • more concrete intervention, things to do in day to day from alternative care arrangements or from community work.
    • Therapeutic intervention, that should be performed by specialists with specific training in trauma, but which may be accompanied from all levels.
  • The addressing trauma at the organizational level, with a series of guidelines for capacity development, the adequacy of systems performance against trauma in children, adolescents and institutional positioning needed to lead social change.

The process has been very interesting, and connects with previous work we have done since childhood Espirales Consulting with both the Regional Office of SOS Children's Villages for Latin America and the Caribbean to National Associations. Initial interviews and previous virtual meeting allowed me to prepare the training material I taught for three intense days of July in Asuncion, Paraguay, representatives of SOS Children's Villages twenty countries and the Regional Office. Your questions, comments and contributions, I thank from here, They have been essential to achieve the final document.

I hope you find it useful to those you work with children, and adolescents at any level, and that you can help identify the traumas around you to, as the title says, you may go “accompanying the wounds of the soul” in the recovery process.

F. Javier Romeo


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Comment the F Javier Romeo – CI Spirals
17 November, 2019

Thank you very much for the reference, Javier Romeu (with “in”), on your blog “Designing past, future remembering” that both enlightens me. It is my honor you liked this book I have prepared with love for those, like me, They work directly with children, and adolescents who have suffered much. For me collect some keys that I would have liked, and lines of work (theoretical and practical) that help me to continue to deepen.

A hug,

Javier (Romeo “the”)

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