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“Municipalities to violence among children, and adolescents”, action guide for municipalities UNICEF Spanish Committee

Violence among children, and adolescents is a problem that is being addressed primarily as a school problem and often also as a suffering that affects only families directly involved. But, This conception is very limited. Violence among children, and adolescents is a problem that affects the whole community, that transcends the school and takes place in all areas of coexistence among children, and adolescents. A violation of the rights of children, and adolescents residents in the municipalities to the municipalities must take their share of responsibility through an active role in preventing, detection and coordinated action against the problem.

unicef_municipios_ante_la_violenciaSo today I am happy to spread the guide Municipalities to violence among children, and adolescents. Guide performance against different forms of violence among children, and adolescents at the municipal level we have prepared Aurea Ferreres and I to Spanish UNICEF Committee in its program Child Friendly Cities.

The guide was developed with three basic objectives:
1. Getting violence among children gain visibility, and adolescents as a community problem, not only school.
2. Promote effective active and responsible for the municipalities in designing strategies for prevention and detection role.
3. Visualize the different manifestations of violence among children, and adolescents.

The idea was to develop a short and useful tool to provide the technical staff working in municipalities in any of the fields related to childhood and adolescence a framework for the design of prevention, detection of and response to violence among children, and adolescents.

The guide includes links to reference materials and experiences of good practice already being developed in other municipalities and can serve as a reference to promote new actions in other municipalities, as well as interviews with some key players.

It, therefore, a material intended primarily to be useful and effective. Develop key content to work on prevention, as well as the most important actions to boost municipalities in both the prevention and detection of cases of violence among children, and adolescents.

entrevista_unicef_pepa_horno_2016The guide is available in your entirety to the Web Friendly Cities program UNICEF Child. We hope that your content, as well as the accompanying interview presentation will be useful.

I want to thank UNICEF Spanish Committee and his team the confidence placed in us to carry out this work. Thanks for a proposal that detects a need that we have tried to give a quality answer. And thanks to those who contributed to it with their knowledge in the interviews conducted in the project, as well as Carlos Becedóniz for review.

Not always the work I do and we have such a concrete reflection and so visible. I just hope to contribute to their ultimate goal: transforming municipalities in affective and protective spaces for children, girls and adolescents living in them. Places where need not be afraid or hide or conceal, where they can ask for help because there is a woven around their families and professionals aware network, trained and ready to act and not look away.

Pepa Horno


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Comment the Celia
1 December, 2016

Joe, It is a pleasure to read each of your writings, although it may not always make a comment.
Soon we meet again although we can not give us a hug. I am confident that once you can have your presence again .
Thank much as you brought to my life personally and professionally.
A success guide you just write.

Comment the Maria Teresa Robles
16 June, 2017

From my tale therapy training I try to work, the self-esteem, prevention of sexual abuse ,fears, Jealousy and largo.etc. and I feel very good interesting your blog.
Greetings, I have also taken a long scarf and no hair.

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