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Article “Individual, community and system” by Pepa Horno in “Renewing from within”

Travel opens the soul. This is a certainty shared by many people. In my life, traveling has also been a vocation in a certain way and, course, a privilege and an education. For a few years I traveled all over the world (nearly forty countries on four continents) giving training to professionals who, one way or another, worked for the prevention and eradication of violence against children, and adolescents. I worked with professionals in the educational field, social and health, with journalists and legislators, etc.. And I still do to this day.

And my work has a different characteristic from other types of trips. in the workshops, the formations I find myself talking with the people of their families, the way they were raised, their way of seeing life or whether they can hug or caress their babies, among a thousand other little things. We talk about their parental figures and themselves as mothers and fathers. It is not a theoretical content, because it cannot be if I want that training to be effective. Or I turn content into experience and get people to link to your “inner boy or girl” or I will not achieve the goal I pursue.

And from that knowledge of the communities where I work and the countries I visit, I have been building some technical schemes that have helped me a lot in my professional career. This month in the article “Individual, community and system” with which I contribute “Renewing from within”, I wanted to develop one of those schemes. Here you can access it and download it for reading.

The scheme is about the three pillars that are necessary for a society to fully develop: the individual, the community and the system. And about what happens when we sacrifice or drop any of those three pillars. We need all three to develop healthy as people and as societies. Y, however, when you travel the world you can see how in different regions one of those pillars has been sacrificed. And how the three pillars interrelate with each other in power games that can be very destructive..

I have used this scheme to develop and evaluate intervention programs, to evaluate systems, especially the protection system in different countries, to carry out risk analysis in different contexts and for the same understanding of the human being. That's why I wanted to write it and share it. In the same vein as the philosophy of CI Spirals to generate networks and promote technical criteria I thought it could be useful to share it. Because it has served me a lot, because I feel that it is powerful and can be useful to many people. I hope I'm not wrong.

Pepa Horno


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